Doodle Jar – Local Art


I started working through The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron again last week. I did it way back in the 1990s and it changed my life. I’m ready for more change, and to get out of my own way a little bit. I’m at the beginning of week 2 and I can already feel things getting exciting again.

So on Sunday I took myself out for an artist’s date to Michael’s. (An artist date is a little gift of time you give yourself, to explore and play a little on your own, and it can be one of the hardest things to make time for in a week!)  I found these Sharpie opaque paint pens that are supposed to be good on glass and wood. Wowsa!

I picked up a few other things, including this mason jar because we were about to celebrate Braveheart’s birthday in the writing group. Like me, she uses jars to store things in. So I made her this. :D It’s my first attempt at drawing on glass and it was a lot of fun to do.

Stretch Cat

We like to celebrate local artists, so I also gave her this amazing Stretch Cat, Stretch tee-shirt created by Ann Pickard.  Click on the image to check out other colors, styles and prints. (OMG, the chihuahua!)

Ann is a friend, not a corporation.  You probably want to get her work now so you can show how smart you were when her work blows up like crazy in the very near future.

Go Outside!


First harvest of my Paul Robeson tomatoes.  I love this variety. Paul Robeson was a hero of mine from the first time I heard of him when I was in high school.  He stood up for his beliefs and his career suffered for it. The tomatoes can take the heat just like he did.


Juliet grape tomatoes.  Coy but delicious!


The mint likes its home in the old whiskey barrel.


Luckily, we were outside when the neighbor kid– he was twelve when they moved in next door, so he must be (gasp!) twenty-seven now!–found a snake in his back yard. He said they freak him out, but he doesn’t have the heart to kill anything, so Hydra went over and snagged this beauty with a rake and dropped her into our yard.  Here, she’s beating a hasty retreat into the rosemary.

Found out from Jonathan N. of the Devils Punchbowl that this is a gopher snake. They eat ground squirrels and other small rodents…always welcome in our yard.


A butterfly popped out of the rosemary, startling the guys.  It must have just emerged from its crysalis as its wings were heavy and damp seeming.  I hope she found a good place to hang to dry. We didn’t want to mess with her. I read later online that it takes up to six hours for their wings to harden and dry.

This Flea Followed Us Home

DSCN0980I vastly prefer solid color vintage Pyrex, but I found this one at the Long Beach flea market yesterday for $10.00 and I had to bring it home. Darling Dodger, our parrot, pushed the lid off of the counter about a year ago and the tile floor won that little contest. I saw others that had chipped lids going for $11-15, so this one in great condition was a bargain. I have a set of these, and they’re wonderful for storing and reheating food.  Love them.

This is one of the more palatable designs.  There’s also a green olive one that’s not bad and an orange and yellow flower one. But the mushrooms?  Not for me!


Wee succulant that will be properly repotted. Just taking a rest in a ramekin till I get around to transplanting. $3.00 from the grower.


I have always wanted a telephone chair like this!  It’ll be fun to change out the vinyl seat cover and refresh the veneer. What do you think?  Good deal at $30.00?  I am happy with it.

We left it in the car for a while in 100 degree temps and some of the veneer popped loose, but I’m gluing it back on.  It’s a little rough, so I might paint it.

Also bought a pair of padded drumsticks for $5.00. I’ve been looking for some to use on my cajon. Will probably add some fabric to them.

This Flea is Hoppin’ – Long Beach


We went to the Long Beach Antique Market for the first time today and had a great time in spite of the heat. Well, we had to leave by about noon as  the temps were intense and we were roasting on the asphalt.

Enjoyed talking with the proprietor of Kitchen Kat’s Vintage Kitchen Wares. She specializes in vintage Pyrex, etc. I was looking for a lid for my medium-sized loaf pan, and she told me to buy it if I see it.  She was trying to just get a lid and it went for $30 on eBay. Yikes.  So I went back to the booth where I’d seen a Pyrex pan of the same size and bought the whole thing for $10.

DSCN0967I bought three of these adorable tiny succulants for $1.00 each and a larger one for $3.00.  But the little ones fell out of my cart along the way!  I hope someone rescued them!


Overheard: “If I still had a land line, I would totally want one of these!”


Old stuff made into new stuff.  I could see this in my house…except that I’m not partial to bare bulbs.  Very uncool of me!


Cool mural in the building we parked in while we went to Pier 76 Fish Grill for lunch. I am so jealous of Long Beach’s amazing independant restaurant culture.  We stopped at Jongewaar’s Bake ‘N’ Broil for a (rhubarb) pie to take home, of course!

DSCN0974I’m just… I don’t understand why our parking level is named after an attraction in Seattle.  But I will say that it was memorable.