Early Solstice Celebration – Tuesday 6/19/2007

Hydra came home with this today. What’s especially cool is that I’d spoken to someone else about my plans to do a small private ceremony on the solstice to recommit to writing and state my intentions for the coming solar quarter.

Here’s the backstory:

The beautiful blue Waterman pen he gave me for Christmas 2005 has been missing for a little over two weeks. I’ve looked high and low, in and out…twice. Calmly. Figuring I would find it and why cause a fuss.
I have

  • sorted through all the books and bookmarks underneath the head of the bed
  • looked in the bill-paying drawer, the end table drawers, the bedside table drawers, even the silverware drawer
  • looked in every bag I’ve carried in the last six months (at least twice), plus the suitcases I took to France, even though I’d used the pen since coming back
  • cleaned the floor and trunk of my car because the last time I remember seeing it was in my camera bag, and it might have fallen out
  • helped shampoo the carpet in the major rooms and master bedroom…not because of the search, but you see, a lot of stuff has been moved
  • checked under all the cushions
  • completely cleaned all surfaces of my desk at work and reorganized the drawers (partly because of imminent carpet replacement)
  • checked around the outside bench where I sometimes write on the front porch
  • attempted to use both of the gorgeous antique fountain pens Braveheart has given me (non-cartridge…I think they need a thorough cleaning and maybe some rehab)
  • tried the Saint Anthony prayer, but he was apparently busy looking for something for OneL, who is always asking him for favors

So tonight Hydra took pity on me and brought me home a beautiful silver Waterman that says “France” right on it! It’s so fine, so well balanced. It didn’t require a second of scribbling, the ink was just there. Aaaah.

I am a fountain pen lover. Ever since middle school. Used to be cheap Schaeffers, then Parkers. Only graduated to the Waterman for Christmas 2005.

They flow better than any other kind of pen, and any fountain pen will counteract my bad habits of pressing too hard and holding on too tight. You have to relax when you use a fountain pen, and something about that frees up my brain, too.

What a sweetie my Hydra is. He is so supportive of my creative life.

Dodger thinks it’s cool, too.

This is where it stops being cute and I start getting protective. Figuring out how pens and other small shiny objects come apart is practically an avocation for this particular parrot.


Is it fuzzy in here, or is it just me? – Monday 6/18/2007

Remember that fall I took in Paris? Did I mention that I went to the doctor last week and she showed me an x-ray of my spine? There’s a little bone in there that was knocked a little bit cock-eyed.

Oddly–and happily, I suppose–it hasn’t caused me a lot of pain. And it’s not a shooting pain when it is there. But last night I was pretty much clenching my teeth the whole drive home, so I thought it was time to kick up to the prescription ibuprofen.

This is the point at which Sundry begins to seriously consider alternate medicines. Just got a recommendation for an acupunturist. If I can’t see the needles, maybe I’ll be able to deal with it.