Peachy! – Wednesday 6/20/2007

When the birds start eating the peaches in earnest, you know it’s time to bring them in. I picked all the peaches they hadn’t gotten to off the tree last night.

Lousy shot, but you get the idea. Two grocery bags between 1/3 and 1/2 full of peaches from our little tree. I left about a dozen partially eaten ones on the tree and another couple of dozen were on a broken branch I hadn’t noticed so they didn’t fully develop.

They’re smallish this year, but I think after a day or two in the bags they’ll be very tasty. They had decent flavor straight off the branch.

I am going to try canning. Haven’t done it since I helped Mom can tomato juice and Bartlett pears.

Braveheart gave some interesting advice. Mom too. The sister says she almost killed her ex’s family the last time she tried canning. I am taking advice and also assuming that I have to make some of my own mistakes.

From the recipes I’ve found, I think I’m going to can some compote, some compote with brandy, some in a syrup (just to see how they turn out), and some in brandy and/or spiced brandy. You have to do certain things similarly for most of these types (like make simple syrup), so it’s not as crazy as it sounds.

Or maybe it is.

If so, you may soon see a photograph of my freezer stuffed with frozen peaches.

Wish me luck. Any hints about canning in general, recipes, warnings or admonitions will be appreciated.

Oh, and no. The tomato juice and pears were not in the same containers!