Oops! I Did It Again! – Tuesday 6/26/2007

More diner infidelity. Actually, I don’t know if I have anything to confess. Big Boy and I are a little–how should I say it?–estranged.

There was no anger, no recriminations. I think it’s a case of How Ya Gonna Keep ‘Em Down on the Farm Once They’ve Seen Paris? That and the fact that I can’t seem to stop the Monday-Wednesday waiter from spooning up oatmeal the moment he sees me hit the parking lot. I had to turn it away twice. It’s hard to un-train this guy.

Looking for other pastures. The Coral Cafe, which you may recall from even before the bon voyage, is a little pricy. So I tried another all-night diner in Burbank, Harry’s Family Restaurant on San Fernando Road.

I liked it. I liked the little stylized Ses on the cups. I liked the clean aqua upholstery. I spent the entire hour there writing about the decor, the feel, the layout, the regulars.

This is what I call a grand, grand way to start the day. Couple that with talking with my Mom on the phone–yes, handsfree–on the drive in, and it was about as close to perfect as a workday morning can get.

Stopped by Porto’s Bakery to pick up bolitos and croissants to go with the peach freezer jam, and had to also pick up some guava strudel (you MUST try these) and potato balls. A small gesture of thanks for all the work people did around the office Friday while I was nursing my back and they were prepping for the new carpet. OneL rallied Weens and Lunista to paint our office lavendar and off-white. It’s so clean and light!

Oh, yeah. Update on the back thing. Remember the fall in Paris? Here’s the scoop. Doc says that the radiologist says that he can’t tell if the wonky bone in my spine is due to a little arthritis creeping in or due to a small fracture, but given that it didn’t hurt before the fall and it did hurt afterward, I probably have a fractured spine.

Hey, if I broke my flipping back, I want credit for it. There’s nothing do do, I guess. [shrugs] It’s not debilitating.


Art House – Monday 6/25/2007

Today I finally hung the painting Braveheart gave me a couple of weeks ago. I love that she suggested I might want to hang it outside. I think it looks very cool by the front door.

It’s under the porch roof, out of the sun and rain. It makes me happy to see it there.

Cool Thing: Or maybe creepy thing. Checkout Melissadata’s People Finder. I am not advocating that you pay for any of these records. I think a lot of them are duplicates and some are just wrong, based on looking myself up here.

Juleps Anyone? – Sunday 6/24/2007

After I made another batch of peach freezer jam and put another couple of bags of peaches in the freezer, I squeezed the juice from the skins and added it to the juice I’d collected a couple of days ago.

What to do with it? While I pondered this, I got online and found a recipe for mint syrup. (I liked this one because it didn’t call for Karo syrup. I used about 21 8-inch long stems of mint to pack the cup.) Went out and gathered mint from the slope behind the house, and made up a batch.
Still wondering what the heck to do with it.

Eureka! You can stir a couple of tablespoons into the fresh peach juice. Wow. Damn. That is some good stuff. Can hardly wait for next year when I can hopefully do that again.
Guess I need to figure out a julep recipe for the rest of the syrup, most of which I froze. Any recipes for said juleps would be much appreciated. Also, any further suggestions for using the syrup would be most welcome.

And I ask you, what is a person to do when the neighbors plums flirt with her so shamelessly? There’s a whole plum-laden branch bending languidly over the fence at the top of our slope.

I think it winked at me!