Meet the Newbie! – Saturday 6/30/2007

He’s tiny!!

We knew he was little, but he’s about half the size of Rocky. He’s just three months old. That’s why his eyes are still completely black and he has little black bars almost all the way to his beak.

Hydra and I have been thinking about adding another budgie to the flock for a few months now. We flirted with a Timneh African Grey last weekend, but that’s a whole ‘nother magnitude of commitment. We feel/hope that Rocky will be happy to have a friend to help him herd lattice balls.

We just picked the Newbie up today and haven’t named him yet. We’ve always had flight-related names for our budgies. Rocky’s named for Rocket J. Squirrel. Lindy was for Charles A. Lindbergh. Ridley was for test pilot Jack Ridley (Chuck Jaeger’s wingman). And our first bird, Bogie, who was an incredible joy and got us hooked on birds, was named for a combination of things including an unidentified aircraft (which should have been spelled bogey).

We have it narrowed down to a couple of aviation/spaceflight related names. We’re thinking either Gus, after astronaut and Indiana native Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom (I’m from Indiana) or Boomer after the Australian flying hunting tool and Australian fighter plane the Boomergang (budgerigars/parakeets are originally from Australia).

Comments? Other suggestions?

Rocky, aka the Oldbie. We are trying to remember exactly how old he is. Time to check through my pre-blog journals. He’s a playful little sweetie.