Bookcrossing – Tuesday 7/3/2007

I’ve been a member of Bookcrossing for a few years, but every once in a while I actually free a few books. I’m going to drop these at Aroma Coffee & Tea later today.
It’s a great concept. You mark books, register them, and release them into the wild. You hope that the person who picks them up leaves a comment about them. It’s only happened to me once in the 27 releases.
Hope lives…

Cool Thing du Jour #1 : Bonny Doon Vineyard’s website, where I went to find information about their terrific wine labels and was not disappointed. If you click on Learn Our Ways, and then Label Artists you’ll get a nice look at their label art and the people behind it.
Cool Thing du Jour #2: The amazing art of Bascove, which I discovered because she’s designed labels for the aforementioned Bonny Doon Vineyard. I love her subject matter and the way she treats it. It’s reminscent of Diego Rivera and of some of the industrial art of the 1930s that I adore. Check out her whole portfolio if you go.

Blueberry Teacup – Monday 7/2/2007

Yeah, I know.

I don’t need another tea cup. And I don’t go out trolling for them. But this one was on sale at the Antiques Asylum in Palmdale, where Hydra and I went over the weekend in search of something very special that I’ll have to reveal later.

Here are my reasons (rationalizations?) for buying it:

1) It is a different shape from any of my others, slightly bowed in around the center of the bowl.

2) Blueberries were my favorite thing to pick as a kid, because you don’t have to get on your knees like you do for strawberries, and a good blueberry bog has fabulous black muck dirt that gets between your toes, and they taste amazing.

3) These blueberreis look like they could have been drawn by my sister, Pegerty.

4) It was on sale for $3.00. This is a great deal. I have paid as much as $25 for a particularly wonderful vintage teacup (that one is pale white lusterware with tiny handpainted blue birds flying across its surface).

New Plants – Sunday 7/1/2007

Faux heather in the evening light.

We did about 4 hours work of yard work on Sunday. We basically like it, but it is hard work. There were more things to give up on and clear away after last winter’s freeze and subsequent drought.

Since temps are expected to be over 100 dergrees for the next week at least, I thought it unwise to try to plant too many things in the ground.

I have long admired the asparagus fern. This will have to be brought in over the winter, but I think it’ll be worth it.