Iced Tea Day – Wednesday 7/4/2007

It’s definitely an iced tea kind of day in Southern California.

This nice little pitcher is from Don Hall’s Factory restaurant in Fort Wayne, IN. When you ordered a beer you’d get this 24 ounce pitcher and a glass (not the one pictured). Same thing at the Old Gas House restaurant, where we used to go a lot.
The first time Hydra and I went out with my dad and mom for dinner, we went to the Factory and Mom commented on the cool pitchers.

Hydra disappeared for a few minutes and then came back with four pitchers…he’d bought one for each of us to take home. It was a funny moment. A little much, but very sweet. I used to use mine to serve a yogurt dipping sauce for fruit. (Do they still use these there or at the Gas House, I wonder? Deb?)

My recent facination with different kinds of water carafes (I took many more photos of them in France than I posted here) prompted me to pull this one down from the shelf today. I plan to sit at the library table, in the air conditioning, and look out at the sunny yard.

We gave passing consideration to the idea of going to our little town’s 4th of July parade, but when we saw the forecast of 106 degrees, we let that go. It was already 80 on the shaded side of the house when the parade started at 9:00 a.m.

See? I told you Gus was tiny! Rocky’s only about 4 inches tall, and he towers over the little guy!
They’re sitting on Hyda’s guitar stand and Rocky is singing to Gus.