Puppypalooza ’07 – Wednesday 7/11/2007

Meet Ava and Sunny. They get along just like siblings, don’t they?

Ava, on the top, belongs to Momalisa. Sunny, on the bottom, belongs to Fetching.

See how little Sunny is? That’s like a size 6 sneaker. He’s a teacup poodle, about two months old.

Fetching’s other puppy, Luna, checks out the rugrats. Luna was so small until we met Sunny, on his back again here. He’s a pushover.

The sibs take a break from all the play play play.


Circus Liquor – Tuesday 7/10/2007

You’ve maybe seen this in the movies somewhere. On the corner of Burbank and Vineland in North Hollywood, CA.

When I pulled into the parking lot to get the shot, I was treated to this creepy black and white clown mural. With bonus 1970s Porsche 914–the dream car of my high school years–right next to it. Swoon.