Trader Joe’s – Making It Easier to be a Good Person – Sunday 7/15/2007

Isn’t this the coolest bag? It’s very strong and light and it’s got a nice wide bottom (sound like a retired gymnast to anyone else?) And only $1.99!

I am really trying to use reusable bags and not take home the dozens of plastic ones all kinds of stores want to give me. Kind of flustered the cashier at Kohl’s the other day, but really.

She’d just taken the shirt I bought off the hanger and offered me the hanger. When I said I’d take it, she started to fold the linen shirt and the hangar into a small bag. They were out of the right size or I might have let it pass.

Waaaaait a minute. Why don’t I just take the receipt and the shirt and hang them in my car?

I walked out with a big (flourescent) light bulb over my head!