Pasadena City College Flea Market – Treasures!

"Red Pine" - Deborah Butterfield

The next day Hydra, Kitty and I  headed over to the Pasadena City College Flea Market, which is held on campus the first Sunday of each month.  (This was October 3rd…I’ve been having so much fun that I haven’t stayed current here!)

Parking on campus is $2.00, but otherwise it’s free (and there is some street parking in the area).    It’s been a while since we’ve been here, and they’ve changed the location a bit.  It was quite a walk from the parking structure where we left the car and the parking structure/lot where the vendors were set up.

It’s a lovely campus, complete with a man-made stream and sculpture like this.  It’s “Red Pine” by Deborah Butterfield.  One of her pieces is also in UCLA’s  sculpture garden.  We recently saw one of her sculptures featured on an episode of Antiques Roadshow.  They explained that each piece of driftwood is actually created by Ms. Butterfield and cast in bronze!

Water way at PCC

PCC’s artificial stream.  Quite nice, actually.

glassware 005

The guy who was selling this told me it was a hundred years old, which I doubted.  Regardless, I thought it was worth the $5.00 asking price.  I love little pitchers and this one is solid and uniquely square.   I looked it up online when I got home and found that it is Mason Vista Pink from the mid-20th Century and is selling on eBay and elsewhere for $35-45.00.  I don’t buy things to make a profit, but it’s nice to know my eye for old stuff is becoming educated a bit!

glassware 002

Another great find I wasn’t looking for!   Bought 10 of the seller’s set of 16 glasses for $15.00.  They look just perfect inside the new china cabinet.

They don’t have a mark, but they’re so nicely done.  The seller told me that the prior owners of these glasses were the Koppels.  He was with the 90th Bomb Group in World War II.  They were neighbors to Mickey Rooney’s family.  When he was little his family didn’t have a piano, so he would go to their house where they would let him play.

I doubt they ever let the rambunctious Mickey drink out of these glasses, but it’s kind of nice to place them in history a little.


After the flea market we headed for the Delacey Street Grill, but found that it’s no longer there.  Sigh.  Over on Green Street, we found Bucca di Beppo and remembered that we’ve liked that in the past.  We feasted on shared chicken with artichoke hearts and capers, chopped anitpasta salad and a huge serving of bruschetta.  Mmmm.  Kitty and I split a limoncello for dessert.

Stopped at Vroman’s Bookstore for a hour or so.  I spent part of my hoarded gift certificate from Antipasta on Jarretsville by Cornelia Nixon.

I love Vroman’s.  While I can’t fault Barnes & Noble for becoming a meeting place that is fueled by books, going to Vroman’s reminds me of what I’m missing in an independent bookstore.  I could spend half a day just browsing the shelves filled with staff recommendations.  And it was heartening to see so many more volumes of food writing on the shelves.  Stuff I’d heard about on NPR.

I need to go back and spend more time there.  What an amazing resource!


One thought on “Pasadena City College Flea Market – Treasures!

  1. I love those glasses…just beautiful! I can’t head out within walking distance to Vroman’s (either location) without stopping in (and dropping some money).

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