It’s Emmy Voting Season!

My boss is a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, so she gets to vote for Emmy awards.  Voters are plied with snazzy bits of TV fabulousness like these.  Usually a network or studio sends out a packet full of shows it wants voters to consider.  The packaging is the fun part!

AMC sent both a folder with DVDs and a book of photos.  This is probably my favorite since I like Mad Men so much.

See?  It’s even better inside!

Ah, now I get it!  It’s not a teardrop, its a fan of NBC peacock feathers filled with DVDs.

The one for Friday Night Lights is long!

If you could vote for a best drama show this year, what would it be?   I’d nominate Men of a Certain Age and Southland. What an amazing series.


2 thoughts on “It’s Emmy Voting Season!

  1. Mark says:

    That would be a fun part of the job!

  2. Sundry says:

    It is! I also love that what’s water cooler talk in most offices is our actual business…what shows are being picked up for fall, etc. 😀

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