Enlighten Up! – Documentary

I watched this documentary this morning, and really enjoyed it.  I’ve been practicing yoga in a weekly class for about a year and a half and I want more weekly classes.  I think I understand a  little something about it that the subject of this doc doesn’t have a chance to learn while bopping between various yoga traditions…I think you have to really delve into one style in order to feel yourself becoming stronger and to learn what it has to teach you.

Tonight in class, the instructor came and helped me adjust into a new position.    Rather than feeling that I wasn’t doing it right, I felt complimented that she gets that I am really there to learn.

I’d done yoga with DVD s for years, but I have come so much further in the past year or so.  It makes me feel strong and centered and gets me a little naturally high.


2 thoughts on “Enlighten Up! – Documentary

  1. Hydra says:


  2. Sundry says:

    That’s a very enlightened comment, H.

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