Minor Postal Miracles

Every so often I hear from my old pal Miz Lite.

We worked together in a coffee house in Fort Wayne together until we took off on the Lite/Kitt World Tour 1983/84.   When you’re in your early twenties and you’re off on an adventure it makes perfect sense for your friends to make you commemorative rockstar tee shirts with your fantasy rockstar names on them even if you only dance to the music.

We stayed with my sister in New Jersey for a week while we waited for PeopleExpress to finish revamping their planes and then four months with my parents in Germany.  My mom was teaching as a civilian on Rein Main Air Force Base.  Long story short, we both learned a lot about ourselves on that journey, which included a jaunt to Paris and a lot of late nights in the discos of Daarmstaadt.

Miz Lite went back to college and became a disabilities counselor.  I moved to California and UCLA.  She took a position at the University of Alaska, Anchorage.  Now she lives in a little port town and sends me literary magazines from her travels.  She goes to the Ebertfest in Champagne-Urbana every year.

As soon as I saw the postmark on the envelope, I grinned, knowing it would be the program with Miz Lite’s annotations and a note.  It’s a nice tradition, better than Christmas.

This year she and her husband bought an EggCamper and hauled it all the way back to Ketchikan and had a blast doing it.  I swear, I know some of the coolest people on this planet.

Take a look at this, will you?   Two dollars and twenty-four cents U.S. to get a letter all the way to little old Acton from little old Ketchikan.  And in three days!   Heck, I couldn’t get there in that amount of time.

It took about 10 days to deliver a letter via Pony Express and cost $5/ounce at first and $1/ounce toward the end.   $2.24 is such a miraculous deal.


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