The Great Bird Rescue of 2010

Gala and her daughter Foa (Friend of Animals) rescued this little budgie (aka parakeet) Henry, from their back yard in Venice, CA.  Here’s the story in Gala’s words:

We’ve had an amazing experience these past few days… our neighbor’s dog was harassing a parakeet in her yard (we’re guessing the ‘keet had escaped from a cage somewhere), and she called us.  [Foa] and I rescued the little guy and temporarily housed her in one of [Foa]’s toy horse stables. We gave her a few days to rest and recuperate while we put flyers throughout the neighborhood to try to find her people. No one turned up, so we found her some new people, our wonderful friends [Sundry] and [Hydra], bird folk extraordinaire. Today, we took Henry to [Sundry]’s office and said goodbye to her (yep, we got the gender wrong), feeling very happy to have helped and knowing that she’s got a great life ahead of her.

Photo courtesy of Gala.

Henry’s temporary lodgings in a play horse barn.  Pretty nice digs!

Photo courtesy of Gala.

Henry, bagged but not tagged.   He’s clearly in good hands. Foa talked soothingly to Henry during their drive across town.

Photo courtesy of Gala.

Henry pauses to reflect on her fate.  Things could be considerably worse than sharing a coffee and tea break with three helpful humans at a nice coffee house.  Priscilla’s Coffee & Tea‘s outdoor tables are very pet friendly.

None of our other birds have come with papers!   Henry arrived with a thank you note translated by Foa, and with this account of  the past few days.  Foa read about parakeets every day and did a great job of providing her with food, water, peace & quiet, and the beginnings of a daily routine, which pet birds like a lot.

Since the words are small in the photo, here’s what Foa wrote : About Henry the parakeet : We think male (?)  Was in a dog’s mouth and in a neighbor’s yard.  He (?) was just sleeping before, but now eating, drinking and singing.  Has left wing clipped.  Can not fly more than one foot up and six feet far.   * Food : Loves baby romaine; okay: parsley; loves millet.   Used to hand, not arm, and not picking up.  He (?) screams like a maniac!  Thank you.

Saying goodbye is never easy, but Foa and Gala did it with considerable grace.

Henry’s in my studio at home now, looking out the window at the new neighborhood and occasionally tweeting back and forth with Rocky or one of the outside birds.   She doesn’t have a band on her leg (which means she didn’t come from one of the major retailers), and the feathers on one wing are quite short.  It’s hard to tell if the wing was trimmed by a human or a critter whose grasp Henry escaped.

We’ll keep her away from our flock for a while just to make sure she didn’t pick up anything during her adventure in the wild.  Then we’ll see how she gets along with the boys!


9 thoughts on “The Great Bird Rescue of 2010

  1. me says:

    Great story…I love that little FOA! She obviously has a good heart and considerable smarts to have taken such good care of Henry! Even indications of an author, too!

  2. Mark Hunter says:

    Henry is clearly in good hands, indeed!

  3. Sundry says:

    Kitty – I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Foa. Engaged and engaging.

    Mark – She’s enjoying our guest room!

  4. KathyR says:

    Are you going to change her name to Henrietta?

    I’d like to kidnap my neighbor’s parrot and bring it to you. The clearly don’t like it much and I know you’d make it happy.

  5. Sundry says:

    We usually name our budgies after aviators, and Hydra found a pilot named Henry Furman. I’d be tempted to name her Amelia… but we might be able to find a female pilot by the name Henrietta. So far, she’s just a girl named Henry.

    Yipes, too bad about the neighbor’s parrot. We are a full little aviary now! Dodger’s sitting on the windowsill talking to the outside birds, “Good bird! [whistles Andy Griffith theme song.] Wanna cutie? Looka parrot!”

  6. Gail Goldman says:

    YAY! love this. and i love the little icon next to my name – very cute.

  7. Hydra says:

    Three cheers for FOA and GALA, who will receive the medal, “Bird Rescuers of the Highest Order.”

  8. Sundry says:

    Gala — You really got the hang of it quickly! 😀

    Hydra – Your dad was a tool & die maker…get on that!

  9. Gala says:

    I was inspired!

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