Toot Toot!

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Yeah, that’s me on my own horn again.

When I went to the mailbox this afternoon, lo and behold, there were my contributor’s copies of Ocean magazine.  It’s a lovely little journal.  They published a prose poem of mine called “Lessons of the Carolinas,” which was written for my mother, who showed me, well, everything.  But mostly she taught me how to see and love the complex beauty around me both in my back yard and in my travels.

This comes at a really good time.  Well, getting published is always good, but I’ve been despairing quite a bit lately about the state of publishing and my own writing goals.  It’s a given that I will write.  It’s just nice to feel that my writing’s still viable out there in the wide world of folks who don’t know me.

I really like that Ocean Magazine offers both print and electronic versions of its issues…satisfies everyone!


6 thoughts on “Toot Toot!

  1. Sally, your prose poem is lovely and absolutely captures the essence of what OCEAN Magazine is all about – “to celebrate and protect”. The simplicity of your story captures its depth. Send more writing when you have some!

  2. Sundry says:

    Thanks, Diane! I’m enjoying the whole issue…but making myself take my time and read a piece or two every day.

  3. Mark R Hunter says:

    Congrats, and well done! When it comes to the struggle to get published, every little bit helps.

  4. Sundry says:

    Thanks, Mark! I’m enjoying your upcoming book publication, too!

  5. Gala says:

    Congrats! couldn’t be happier for you. xoxo

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