Too Much Excitement at Home Depot

We’ve been trying to figure out with what kind of flooring we’re going to replace our carpet with and how we’re going to get it installed or install it ourselves.  It’s a daunting 800 square feet in three public rooms in our 1680 square foot house.  I went to Home Depot to compare what they have on offer with what we saw at a small flooring company in Lancaster, Artistic Carpet One Floor & Home, which seems to have higher grade offerings for competitive prices.

I was already under the influence of decorating option overload by the time I stumbled across this display of little wall paint samplers at Home Depot.   Three square feet of paint in each and every little jar!  And they come with brushes attached to the inside of the caps!  I couldn’t even frame a decent photograph.

I had half a dozen of these babies in my little orange basket by the time I regained my wits and put them back.  I left with a bunch of paint chips (this is called an internal compromise) and the brushes I really came in for, which will be used to finish the job of painting the trim on the house.



2 thoughts on “Too Much Excitement at Home Depot

  1. Mark says:

    Home improvement projects send me into a severe allergic reaction.

  2. Sundry says:

    Heh… I kind of love them once I’m reconciled to the fact that I need to do them.

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