Trufflehound’s Fine Chocolates, Ventura, CA – Wonderful Chocolates

Friendly and helpful Claudia Gilman co-owns Trufflehound’s Fine Chocolates with Fred Yasukochi.

Last time we were in Ventura, we stopped by Trufflehound’s Fine Chocolates and I fell a little in love.  They have this half milk/half dark chocolate little bar that’s creamy and fabulous.  I thought about it ever since, so we were sure to walk up away from the busy center of Ventura’s shopping and restaurant area to 607 E. Main Street.  It’s a few doors from Starbucks, if you like a little java to offset your sweets and well worth visiting.

You can tell by the smell that greets you when you enter the shop that fresh handcrafted treats await.  I picked up two of the little bars (why didn’t I write down their name?), a dark chocolate raspberry truffle and a sea-salt caramel.  The tiny pile of bright white salt atop the caramel adds flavor and texture dimensions that must be experienced to appreciate.  The sea-salt caramel didn’t make it out of Ventura, and I now have something new to crave till we return.

Oh, and all four pieces for $3.40 including tax.  Less than most fancy coffees  and so savor-worthy.

Yeah, it’s not quite in focus.  My hand may have been shaking a little.

What I especially appreciate about Trufflehound’s Fine Chocolates is that they offer solid classics alongside inventive combinations, but they don’t seem to have lost their minds and thrown everything from the pantry into the chocolate.   And the chocolate isn’t too sweet, which is my problem with See’s.  Eep, See’s is so sugary.

Remember poor Amber Chocolatier that opened up in Toluca Lake?   They’re gone already.  You can’t offer cayenne pepper and bacon chocolates with intricate edible decals on top and forget to make a really good chocolate to start with.

Really, Trufflehound’s is a must-stop when you visit Ventura!

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