Toluca gARden

Due to a glitch in communications between Hydra and I, and an utter lack of notation on the calender in the kitchen, I found myself in my Burbank/Toluca Lake Adjacent office on Sunday, doing most of what I would have done on Monday.   We need to go to Long Beach on Monday.

I made the best of it by taking a couple of scripts to Toluca gARden restaurant, where I feasted on their Vietnamese vermicelli rice noodles while I read.  This is the place we order in from when it’s raining.  Poor delivery guy!  The food has been consistently good over the 11 years I’ve been eating there, but recently they’ve added Vietnamese specialties and I’m in heaven.  My new favorite lunch is summer rolls (herbs, lettuce and shrimp in a non-fried wrapper with a peanut dipping sauce) and hot & sour soup.

We refer to it as Toluca g-AR-den because that’s the way it was spelled on the previous take-out menu.  We scrabble for any little scrap of amusement in our office, obviously.


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