Field Trip to Rancho La Sherpa via Refugio State Beach

We arrived at the rendezvous point about 20 minutes early and took a walk down through the campground at Refugio State Beach.   Great views, though it’s pretty close to the 101 on the shore side.

The seven-mile road up the hill to Rancho La Sherpa, a church camp that Songmakers is thinking about renting space at for a weekend, is pretty rough but the surrounding terrain is gorgeous.  The camp borders the (Ronald) Reagan ranch, Rancho del Cielo.   This is The Stone House, which can be rented for smaller groups than ours.  It was fogged in, but we’re told you can see the ocean from this porch.

Bunks in one of the Casas Grande.   We’re not sure we’re up for a bunk house again…

Nice little amphitheater.  I would love to sit up here after dark.   The camp manager says the stars really pop.   There’s an ocean under the fog in the background.

Hydra pointed out this big ol’ lizard.

And a little herd of 5 deer came bounding down the hillside while we were there.  Lovely to see them!


2 thoughts on “Field Trip to Rancho La Sherpa via Refugio State Beach

  1. Cousin Sharon says:

    What a beautiful location. I can dream about sitting out there watching the stars. I bet it’s amazing.

  2. Sundry says:

    If we go there will be more pix. 😀

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