Jump Down Turn Around, Eat a Bowl of Peppers

Yeah, I ate this whole bowl of sishito peppers at Yamato Restaurant in Stevenson Ranch.  I’d never had them before.  They’re flavorful and only slightly hot. I kept telling myself to stop and take the rest home, but they were really compelling.   If we hadn’t been on a series of errands on a hot day, I would have ordered another side to take home.

And…yeah, I’m really frustrated with my Kodak Easyshare Z915, which does not focus well in a pinch.   Sneaking photos in tight spaces is one of the reasons I have a snappy camera in addition to the big honking (fabulous) Nikon D80.  Loved my first Kodak, which was very reliable.  This one doesn’t like to take closeups and takes a long time to recover between shots.  I was all impressed with the 10x optical zoom when I bought it. Sigh.

But if you have a chance to try sishito peppers at your local sushi place, do it!  This plentiful serving was only $1.75 at Yamato.


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