We Were Floored

It took weeks and weeks to decide whether we wanted to replace our old carpet with new carpet or hardwood or laminate. The carpet that came with the house was worn out, and we’d been sitting on a small inheritance from a former UCLA co-worker, the amazing James Sherman Williams, for  a few years.

Once  we made the decision, the chase was on to find the right laminate and the right company to install it.  One of the reasons we went with laminate over hardwood is what I’ve read online about birds and flooring.  Laminate’s more forgiving, bird-wise.

I spent a whole day going to most of the flooring places in Lancaster.  It was actually a really good way to learn about various brands of flooring and to get a feel for who we’d want to work with.  I ended up finding our guys through the Service Magic referral service online.

The new 4-inch baseboards really make a difference, too!  I’m already looking forward to seeing the firelight reflect off the floor.

I think the china cabinet and sideboard feel more at home here than ever!

The new tile in the master bath looks like shiny marble in person.  I hated the vinyl flooring and old commode in this bathroom since we moved in.  Why’d this take so long?    And for the record it’s peach, not pink.  It’s warm and welcoming in the morning.  (What you can’t quite see in this photo is that the bathtub is filled with all the clothes from our wardrobe, which was  moved back and forth while the master bedroom floor was done.)

Love the subway tile pattern.  We wouldn’t have thought of that ourselves.  Danny laid out a couple of patterns for us to choose from.

Danny Aguilar, the owner of Simply Floors, and his crew were terrific to work with from start to finish.   We felt that he was working with us to get the job done right.  We found a little problem with the material and he replaced it without the slightest hint of reluctance.  He and his crew moved the furniture, made it comfortable for us every afternoon before they left, dust mopped every afternoon of the 4 1 /2 days the job took, asked if everything was going well at the beginning and end of each day.

This is the best experience we’ve had with a contractor.  Honestly. if you’re in the are and you want flooring, call him!


3 thoughts on “We Were Floored

  1. Sandy says:

    Gee I wonder if he would work in Glendale.

  2. Sundry says:

    I don’t know… It’s a long haul, but he might. He’s a real go-getter.

  3. Danny Aguilar, Simply Floors says:

    Hello my name is Danny Aguilar with Simply Floors . I do service the Glendale and surrounding areas. Please feel free to call me at (661) 400-6795 or E-mail at (simplyfloors4u@yahoo.com) and we can set up an appointment for a free estimate. Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.
    Danny Aguilar
    Simply Floors

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