The Thai Alternative to Traffic

Traffic was terrible heading  home tonight due to a big rig accident that closed all lanes of the 14 northbound for hours.  The side roads were all packed too.  It took me an hour and half to drive half of my usual  45-50 minute commute.

I was looking forward to stopping at Pho Ng for some nice Vietnamese noodles or pho, but they are closed on Wednesdays.  Who does that?

Not Mom Can Cook in Canyon Country.  The quiet little dining room was a great place to unwind and relax instead of continuing to battle the lines of cars and 106 degree heat outside.  I ordered cool foods.  These are vegetarian (Vietnamese style) spring rolls…not fried, with a nice sauce that had crisp little fried onions floating on top.  Inside the rice flour wrapper: cucumber, carrot, romaine, basil and rice noodles.

Second course, green papaya salad with shrimp and chili lime dressing and cold sake.  Very tasty and a perfect antidote to a hot day.

I passed a nice hour plus at the table reading and scribbling, and was encouraged to stay and relax.  Very friendly.

Oh, and budgie note!  I stopped by Bird Bungalow along the way and found out that Henry was adopted by a man who also bought a buddy for her, and took her home for his daughter.  Happy ending!


3 thoughts on “The Thai Alternative to Traffic

  1. jazz says:

    Sounds like a nice way to fight the traffic! Looks yummy too. Glad your budgie found a home, it’s amazing how much we get attached even if they aren’t ours. 106? Phew!

  2. Hydra says:

    Sundry, it seems that every chance you get you try to Thai one on.

  3. Sundry says:

    Jazz – Ha! I do love Southeast Asian food. I’m a little obsessed with rice noodles lately. It had rained a little in Acton and when I got home it was actually humid. We’re not used to that! Really happy that Henry transitioned into a private home and with a pal, too.

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