DIY is 90% Prep

Hydra puts the finishing touches on the Rosin paper we used to protect the floors while painting.  Danny the flooring guy told us about this stuff, which contractors regularly use.  It’s a lot easier to deal with than plastic and only $12.00 a roll.

We also used this green Frog brand tape rather than the blue stuff for the actual painted areas.  It claims to prevent bleeding better than the blue tape, and that claim held up.  There were a few mishaps, but they were probably due to operator error.

I think I’ve finally learned that preparation is the biggest part of most DIY jobs.  We knew we wanted to repaint this chair rail type thing we have in the library but it took us a while to find the right color.  Matched it to our curtains in here.  Masked off everything.  It’s much better to protect the floors so you can just enjoy the painting rather than having to worry about dripping a little.

It was a little overwhelming to think about starting this project, but I broke it down in my head into three jobs: prep, painting and clean up.  It helps to not feel you’re in the middle of something forever.  I guess I even broke down the prep.  Did the masking tape one evening and felt I’d accomplished something.

I put the test patch of paint on the wall a few days ago and let it dry and was able to see it in different lights. The baby blue that was there matched the previous owner’s curtains and absolutely nothing in our decor.  But it was mostly covered up by book shelves which we weren’t going to move just to paint this strip.

I masked the bottom of the molding, but not the top.  Pick your battles, I say.  I had a damp rag handy to wipe up the occasional smear of paint and it worked great.  I love latex paint.  I didn’t pour paint into the roller tray, but it made it much easier to move the can and brush around the room as I worked and gave me a place to put the brush down when Hydra called from Lowe’s asking for more details about the caulk he was picking up.

This is a somewhat translucent paint so we thought we’d put two coats on, but once we saw the slight variations, we decided we like it.  So much, in fact, that we’re going to carry it over to the dining area.  We’d painted that strip light green to match the kitchen when we moved in, but I think this bolder color will look nice in there and draw it together a bit with the library.

It’s kind of too bad that we’re going to put all the shelves back in, but what would a library be without its books?  (Okay, I know.  It would be a Kindle, but I’m not ready to go there yet.)

Saturday was also a prep day for recaulking the master bathroom.  Everything is a learning process.  It took me a while to get the technique down.  It’s not a fun job, I have to say.  Also prepped for sealing the grout on the new tile in there, which just meant cleaning the floor thoroughly and giving it time to dry.


2 thoughts on “DIY is 90% Prep

  1. Sandy says:

    Sally, would you and Hyrda like to come help me? I have to call the floor guy tomorrow and sending the big guy off to Lowe’s for Rozin paper and primer. Working in the kitchen

  2. Sundry says:

    We are about beat. Got a lot done this weekend, but not everything I’d hoped. Too many trips to Lowe’s. Good luck!

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