Hey Zumba!

No, the dog’s name is not Zumba.  But this post is going to devolve into an homage to the Latin-rhythm dance class.

Hydra and I  paused in our errands on Labor Day to get some yummy tangy frozen yogurt at Berry Star in Palmdale and got to meet this sweet little dog.

Labor Day weekend was mostly about the house.  Running back and forth to Lowe’s and Home Depot, doing lots of projects.  Hydra put new shelves in his closet and made a guitar storage platform in there, mowed the lawn, helped prep for painting.  I got to do the fun painting in the library and dining area, regrouted the master bathroom, cleaned up the library and dining area (pix will come soon), and went to exercise classes.

I used my lunch break Friday to go to a yoga class, went to an hour Zumba class on Sunday morning and 1 1/2 hour Zumba class on Monday morning.  So much aerobic exercise and fun!  I usually end the hour wanting more.  About ten minutes past the hour, one of the other regulars turned to me between songs and said, “She’s going to kill us!”  But we were both grinning ear to ear.

After class I talked to the instructor, who is really amazing at cuing and creating an atmosphere in which you just laugh when you mess up.  “Smile!  It burns  more calories!” is one of her favorite sayings.  She told me that she put intervals into the workout so we could all get through it.  “Intervals?  I didn’t notice them!”  It was intense.

The DVDs don’t really do the classes justice.  What’s so great about Zumba?  For me, it goes beyond the music that makes you want to get your feet off the ground–seriously, I feel half my age when I’m doing it–to the atmosphere in the classes.  Women of all shapes, ages and sizes are getting their hearts going, and having a good time.   I was a member of 24-Hour Fitness for two years before I took my first Zumba class, and I’ve connected with more people in the past three months than I did in the previous years.

Maybe that’s partly the confidence that feeling strong inspires, but it’s also because so many of us are having a blast, leaving the class in a state of euphoria.  My perfect week would be if I could get to 4-5 Zumba classes and 2-3 yoga classes.  As it is I’m getting in 5-6 sessions between the two.


2 thoughts on “Hey Zumba!

  1. Gala says:

    so that’s why you’re looking extra sassy these days!

  2. Sundry says:

    Hmmm… I was feeling pretty good till I saw those rear view photos you took of me. It’s good inspiration to keep going.

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