Knitting Pretty

Meet Tonya, creator of Yarn Drama.   I did, and I’m glad!

She was knitting away outside the Starbucks (next to Big Boy on Riverside in Burbank) when I went in for an afternoon libation on my way home from work.   She’s an actress who knits on her non-filming days, and her work is really charming.

As some of you may have noticed, I recently became a great aunt again thanks to my fabulous niece K-Flight.  We sent a card and a little gift, but when I saw this stuff I was inspired.

More cute baby wear.  She also makes soft knit girl-baby headbands adorned with flowers and butterflies.  The photo didn’t come out well, sadly.  This is why I should never go anywhere without my camera.  (These are cell phone shots.)

This is the one I chose!  It’s pretty adorable, huh?

I’m counting on K-Flight being a little too busy with newbie Gabe and two-bie Brody to check out my blog before the package arrives.   Hee!


2 thoughts on “Knitting Pretty

  1. KathyR says:

    Cutest hat EVER!

  2. Sundry says:

    Isn’t it adorable!? All of her stuff is cute, but the little bill on the hat is genius!

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