DIY Martyrdom in Acton

Ah, the leisurely Saturday pace of the soon-to-retire.   Hydra leveled off this space behind our shed so we can put in a wood rack.  Yeah, to store the wood we’ve cut off our trees for the past couple of years.

Hydra believes he has martyred himself to the cause of home improvement.   Please do not alert the authorities to this blasphemy, we have enough to defend ourselves for as it is!

What’s really cool for me is that he did like 6 hours of digging and then let me come in and assemble the wood rack.  I love this kind of project.   Tee hee.  (I’ve put together 5 task chairs for my office this week.  I can now do each in 15 minutes…so if you have an Acadia chair from Staples, let me know.)

I will say that I spent about an hour on Friday night taking out a sapling that was about 20 feet high and 6 inches in diameter. It  was growing too near the shed.   Can we agree that Sundry and Hydra have learned their lesson about trees and structures?

Hmm… what about that juniper we planted in front of the house a few years ago?

2 thoughts on “DIY Martyrdom in Acton

  1. me says:

    Nice work, both of you! It looks good to see you still have some trees in your back yard!

  2. Sundry says:

    Yeah! Let’s see…we have this one, an apricot, a peach, an apple, 4 Aleppo pines, 2 cedars, a juniper and one who’s name escapes me right now (it flowers), so we’re down to 13. But only one is near the size of the willow.

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