Got Wood?

Why, yes we do.  Most of this is from the tree in the background, which we so famously cut down earlier this year.  There’s a bunch of wood from the former willow in the garage that still needs to be loaded onto the rack.

Hydra made an extra base (painted white) for the store-bought wood rack because we’d cut all the wood just barely too short to fit on the rack when we cut it up months ago.

When I arrived home this afternoon Hydra had carried all this wood from the middle of the back yard.  Wow!

The rack came with a cover, which we’ll put on as soon as we’re done loading this.   We’re pretty happy with how easily it went together.  It’s a Shelter Logic, in case you’re in the market.  We ordered it from Home Depot.


4 thoughts on “Got Wood?

  1. Cousin Sharon says:

    He must be getting everything done so that retirment will require him to do NOTHING! Looks good. You should be set even if it sn**s.

  2. Hydra says:

    Living in sunny Southern California it took me a couple of minutes to figure out “sn**s.” Ah, the “S” word. We get a bit of sn** up here at our 3,000 feet, about every 4 years. We think it’s fun. Probably only becuase it stays no longer then a week, but more usually, a day or two. But, you folks in the sn** belt have to face sn** from Thanksgiving to Easter. Not much to my liking or yours. But, we have our fire wood so, as the song goes, “Let it sn**, let it sn**, let it sn**!”

  3. RuthG says:

    Wow, that pile involves a LOT of chopping! And then some ingenuity to expand the rack so the pieces don’t fall through it. Great job!

  4. Sundry says:

    Cousin Sharon – We used to buy our wood in those five dollar yuppy-packs at the hardware store, so this will last us! Hydra’s been tackling some big projects!

    RuthG – I think quite a bit of the bigger pieces were done with a chain saw, and the smaller ones with big pruning clippers. This is all wood from the tree we cut back earlier this year. Hydra is great with stuff like retrofitting that rack. When I arrived home he’d loaded all that wood onto it before I could take a photo. He said I could unload it to take a picture!

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