What We’re Eating Up Here

Apparently, you have to keep your eye on the zucchini patch all the time.  I looked away for a minute and these three beasts developed!

I cooked up some of the zukes with cherry tomatoes and orange bell peppers from our garden (with garlic and basil) and served it over some Israeli style cous cous from Trader Joe’s.

Later, while we were on the phone with my brother, Texaco, I sauteed some Blum Ranch peaches in honey with cinnamon, nutmeg and butter.   These Blum’s Beauties were terrific served warm over ice cream.

4 thoughts on “What We’re Eating Up Here

  1. RuthG says:

    THOSE LOOK INCREDIBLY YUMMY! Isn’t it some kind of low-level crime to post such scrumptious photos to tempt the unwary?


  2. Sundry says:

    Ha! You have to be talking about the peaches! I imagine I would have pulled them off the heat too early if our telephone conversation hadn’t gone on for a while…the syrup that formed reminded me a little of bananas Foster.

  3. KathyR says:

    I didn’t get any squash. They just wouldn’t/couldn’t/didn’t pollinate and I am not the kind of dedicated gardener who will get out there with a paint brush or a q-tip and do it for them. So every little incipient female squashlette shriveled and fell off. Your zucchini look awesome!

  4. Sundry says:

    This is the first year I planted zukes, and they did really well. I had three plants. I let them all stay because I was hoping at least one was the butternut I also started from seed. No such luck. They were somebunny’s salad. Do you grow bell peppers? Mine were badly sunburnt, so I don’t think I can grow them in that spot. But one of the plants (the one that’s not shaded by zucchini leaves) is starting some new fruit.

    Do you do winter gardening? I would love to do some greens, like Swiss chard or arugula.

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