A Camping We Will Go

Upon arriving at the campground, we met and briefly puppy-sat for Ayla, a friend’s new standard poodle.  She’s just two months old, and has only been away from her litter-mates for four days.  Very social and sweet.

Not the kind of photo one dreams of posting online, but Hydra was very happy about having captured this shot of me washing my sneaker off at an empty camp site.  While walking Ayla I encountered the scat of a previous canine inhabitant of the park.

You never really appreciate how intricate the tread on your sneaks is until you have to pick dog droppings out of them with a broken stick.


Hydra was distracted from my lowly activity by this bird…perhaps a magpie?

The camp ground manager arrives to catch up with us.  Notice that Hydra is still in the same position.

Dodger likes hanging around outside.  We tried a different site this time and liked it a lot.

Friends drop by.  Other than the fact that everyone will later have guitars in their laps, this is pretty  much the way the weekend goes.  You should see GoodWitch with her big old acoustic bass.  Very cute!

We camp with a big group of friends and make music, share food, and talk for three days and nights.  Pretty good deal.  This is our last Songmakers camp out of the year.  Sorry to see the season come to a close.


One thought on “A Camping We Will Go

  1. Hydra says:

    What we thought was a magpie is probaly a woodpecker. I saw a little bit of red on the top of its head.

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