My First New Library Card in 25 Years!

Yes!  That’s me out front of the new Acton/Agua Dulce Christopher Colombo Brevidoro Library with my first haul of books and CDs!   The Brevidoro family donated the land across from Don Cuco’s on Crown Valley Road in memory of their parents…what a wonderful thing to do!

I was very excited to go in and apply for a library card in the County of Los Angeles Public Library system.  The last time I signed up for a new library card was when we arrived in Los Angeles in 1985.  I’ve been using the Los Angeles Public Library ever since, though my patronage dipped seriously when I was able to use the UCLA libraries as a student and then as an employee from 1989-1999.

Since moving to Acton, I’ve continued to use the LAPL mostly by putting holds on books through their online catalog and then picking books up at either the Studio City or North Hollywood branch.   I mostly ask for books people have recommended in person, on Good Reads or on NPR.  It’s worked well, but always adds a half hour or so to my commute.

That method of library-ing worked pretty well, but wasn’t very conducive to browsing.  Just look at this will you?  There are rows and rows of absolutely brand spanking new books, CDs, DVDs and magazines just waiting for us to find them.

I found quite a few last  night, and just told myself to calm down.  I’d just stopped at the LAPL and picked up books on hold.

This branch of the Los Angeles County Public Library just opened on September 29th.  With the three week borrowing period, that means nothing is overdue yet.  What a perfect state of library-ness!

Beautiful view from the library’s patio.  See Kitty to the right of the frame, exploring around the corner?   From there you have a view of the corner of Crown Valley Road and Sierra Highway, not to mention the hitching post.

Yes, my local library has a hitching post.   (The other day Hydra and I talked to a woman and her 10-year-old daughter who were short-cutting through our neighborhood…she said some days she brings the kids’ horses to pick them up at school and they all ride home together.)

I am so thrilled to have this in our little town.  The next addition will be a Forest Ranger Station next door, in about a year.

Today I sent off my check to become a member of the Friends of the A/AD Library.   There is a big grin on my face.


4 thoughts on “My First New Library Card in 25 Years!

  1. Mark R. Hunter says:

    Yay for libraries!

  2. Sundry says:

    Mark – They fill me with such a sense of possibility!

  3. me says:

    This library is beautiful…plus having a mountain view!

  4. Sundry says:

    Kitty – Yes! I’m going to have to go over there and just hang out by the window some day soon. A couple of books I put on hold are in. I joined the Friends of the Library, too. 😀

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