Fooling Around in the Dark

Last  night the  moon was amazing.  We were having a high old time in Palmdale, cruising Lowe’s and Bed Bath & Beyond — yes, the delights of the Antelope Valley are many–when we saw the full moon playing with the clouds.  When we got home I ran in to get my Nikon and tripod and, inspired by my talent nephew D’Beans, went to the back yard to try some night photography.

The moon was obscured by the time I was set up, but here’s what we did get.


Hyrda brought out his big highpowered flashlight and we went up on the hill behind the house.   One question I have is,  how do you focus in the dark?

The beam from Hydra’s flashlight looks like it’s lighting up that cloud, huh?   It’s not quite that powerful.


The shots in full dark were just too dark, so we got this shot by Hydra slowly moving the beam across the whole hillside during the long exposure.

Not what I was hoping to get.  The moon never did come back out, and we could see that there were no breaks in the clouds as they eased in from the west, so we gave up getting the moon.   Kind of fun anyway.


2 thoughts on “Fooling Around in the Dark

  1. Jazz says:

    When I first read the title wasn’t sure I wanted to proceed. lol The pic with the light beam in the clouds reminds me of the Batman signal light. 🙂

  2. Sundry says:

    Jazz – Thanks for persevering!

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