Crazy Like a Fox

I wasn’t sure how they’d feel about me bringing a camera onto the Fox Studios lot, so I didn’t bring one with me.   I really need to upgrade my phone to something that harbors a better camera.  Honestly, this shot of Hydra was taken near Studio 8 as we walked from the Sound of Music parking lot (easily located under a giant poster of Julie Andrews) to the Zanuck Theater.

Okay, brace yourselves because this is going to seem like a name-droppy post.  I haven’t written much about my experiences in the backwaters of the entertainment industry, but we had a really good time tonight and saw a great film that I am proud to have been a teensy part of.  And this is one of the reasons that as stressful and long-houred as some of you have heard me say my job is, perks like this (and the fact that I learn something new just about every day) keep me coming back.  I was a TV and movie and theater geek as a kid and part of me always will be.

We were invited to see a screening of Fair Game because worked on it (script research) and because these people are very inclusive.  We don’t get a lot of invites like this.  What fun!

I worked at home today, then met with Antipasta for our writing date, then went to Platine to pick up my KCRW premium (more on that later), grabbed some supper and got to the studio at 7:00 for the 7:30 screening.   I’m glad we’re the dorks who show up early to these things.  We’ve been to screening or Christmas or wrap parties for several series I worked on, and we usually get there on the early end of the evening.  Used to feel a little silly about that, but it gives us a chance to absorb the setting.

We walked down a softly lit tree-lined sidewalk to a street between the big sound studios.  A red light over one of the doors let us know that something was shooting inside one of them.  Another was open and we could see some sets inside.   We were about 10th in line to get into the theater so we had our pick of the seats.  I went out to use the restroom and look a the row of glass-encased Oscar statuettes given for sound direction.  They are kind of elegant.

I saw a guy I thought looked familiar.  I was about to ask if we’d worked on a project togetner when I realized he was Sendhil Ramamurthy.  No the name wasn’t on the tip of my tongue, but he was in Heroes and is in the current Covert Affairs.

We took our seats and after a little while Brooke Smith and her husband passed by to sit in our row.  She had a cameo in Fair Game and was a regular on Grey’s Anatomy.  You might remember her as the woman in the pit in Silence of the Lambs. “It puts the lotion on it’s skin.”

Shortly thereafter, a nice couple sat down next to us, and we recognized that the man was Eion Bailey.  Hydra complimented him on his work in Band of Brothers, a terrific mini-series that featured a lot of great young actors.  Hydra told him he’d been in Vietnam in helicopters, and it turned out that Eion’s father was a pilot in Vietnam.   He was very friendly, asked us questions, talked about his work a bit when we asked, enthused about the art of story teling.   He told us that several of his cast mates from Covert Affairs were there because the director of the film is an executive producer of the series.

The movie was as good as I’d hoped.  We found it well paced and moving.   Naomi Watts and Sean Penn are great in it.  Wonderful supporting cast.  Important subject matter.   Go see it, really.

As we were leaving the theater we saw Christopher Gorham of Covert Affairs (previously of Kyle XY.)  It’s kind of nice when actors turn out to be life sized instead of way shorter than you expected.

We were supposed to just go back to the parking structure, but what fun would that be.   “Turn here,” Hydra said, and we did.  We cut through some sound studios and went further than we thought we’d have to, and ended up on the Old New York street.   Hydra is now my officially favorite bad man.    We saw a few people, but if you walk with confidence you look like you belong.   There was the Royal Diner from Bones!  Hydra took a photo of me in front of it, but it’s lost somewhere on his cell phone camera.

I feel a little weird about posting this.  No one’s going to tell on us, right?  It was a really fun evening.   We both have a sense of history and of Hollywood history, and being in the place where so  many stories are told and dreams are spun was just thrilling.  I’m glad we’re not too tense or world weary to just flat out enjoy this stuff.



7 thoughts on “Crazy Like a Fox

  1. Mark R. Hunter says:

    I would have enjoyed it immensely, especially New York Street (and I love Bones!)

  2. Kris says:

    What an adventure you shared!!!

  3. Cousin Sharon says:

    Sounds like great fun. Covert Affairs is one of my favorite shows. Wish it wasn’t just on during the summer. I’m so proud of my bad boy cousin!

  4. Sundry says:

    Mark – You would have! There were a bunch of dolly cranes parked on the end of the street where we entered. I was thinking they shot Bones there, and was sure when I saw the Royal Diner. The door was open and a light was on but the set wasn’t dressed. We love Bones too!

    Kris – We’re good at that!

    Sharon – Heh, I’m proud of him too! One of the advantages of getting older is that you look like you must know what you’re doing, even if you don’t.

  5. RuthG says:

    Hurray for being adventurous! This outing sounds extremely satisfying & fun.

  6. Sundry says:

    Ruth – It’s so nice that I can work from home the next day and sleep in a little. Makes it easier to say yes to these things. 😀

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