Platine Will Turn You into a Cookie Monster

On our way to the screening of Fair Game on Thursday night, we stopped by Platine to redeem my KCRW membership premium coupon.  25 dollars worth of treats from this truly amazing pastry shop in Culver City.

This is Stevie. She assembled a box full of unique delights for us.  Right after I took this shot she busted out with a truly stellar smile that my cell phone camera was not ready to capture.  In retrospect, this dreamy expression is appropriate. It’s like she’s visualizing the moment when we first taste the incredible Chocolate Pot de Crème with Black Lava Salt (in the wee porcelain cups.)  This is the expression that will be on our faces, with an added note of surprise around the eyebrows.

We kind of figured these would last a few days.  Not so!  Most of this was gone in 24 hours!   The cookies are really good…especially the maple and bacon sugar cookie. The little cupcakes are delicious mini-vacations of texture and flavor.  But my favorite was the cup of salted chocolate…perfectly smooth and rich, with firey chips of salt here and there (not in every bite) that just dance on your tongue.

I envy the proprietors not only their culinary skills, but also the opportunity to own and display so  many adorable little plates!   From looking at the photos other people have posted on their Yelp review page, this is an ever changing art display.  If I  lived closer, I’m sure I’d stop by to appreciate it every week.

The wares here are miniature and that’s just perfect.  It encourages you to enjoy every bite, and you do.  In fact, you make four or six bites out of a two-bite cupcake.  Your palate doesn’t get tired and you don’t end up slogging through a pastry the size of your fist.

I love this trend.  Priscilla’s coffee house, right downstairs from where I work, has begun offering tiny little cinnamon rolls.  They have all the flavor of a big roll, but they don’t come with a nasty sugar and guilt hangover!


5 thoughts on “Platine Will Turn You into a Cookie Monster

  1. me says:

    I think “Yum!” says it all. Thanks for sharing…if not the taste, then the treat for the eyes!

  2. RuthG says:

    These look & sound UTTERLY delectable!

  3. Sundry says:

    Kitty – If we’d gone over to that side of town when you were here you’d have been in on the treats. Okay…starting the list of next year’s possibilities!

    RuthG – You could tell there was real butter in the cookies, though nothing was overdone. Mmm.

  4. jamie cantor says:

    Thanks so much for the wonderful review! We are so glad when people “get” what we are all about! Great ingredients and technique make a small bite pack a big punch.
    We do change our menu every day, so please do stop by another time to try some more, AND we are in the process of revamping our website, ( so there will be a posting of the daily menu — hope it will be ready to go by mid november….

  5. Sundry says:

    Jamie – What you’re doing at Platine really is exciting. It’s wonderful to be able to recommend anything wholeheartedly. I’ve added your website to my blogroll under Foodish Favorites, so it’ll be easier to revisit. Thanks for supporting KCRW or I might never have found Platine!

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