Rice Porridge Issues

We had breakfast this morning at Hamilton’s Steak House in Covina.  It was buffet style and along with the bacon, scrambled eggs and potatoes, the were offering rice porridge with toppings.  I just did what the person ahead of me did.   Those are two veggie things at the top (I think) and pork at the bottom.

The base porridge seemed like just very watery boiled rice.  The pork was sweet.  The veggie things had been preserved in a way that made them seem spoiled, but I don’t think they were.

I tried, but I couldn’t do it.  Just could. not. do it.

I have not a clue whether this was authentic or not, but the room full of Asian travellers were eating big bowls of it.  In all honesty, the American food on the buffet was terrible.  How can you ruin bacon?

Hydra went to Hamilton’s for lunch on Saturday–we were staying at the Radisson next door to visit friends–and said the steak sandwich was great.  But would not do breakfast here again.



3 thoughts on “Rice Porridge Issues

  1. cousin sharon says:

    I’ll stick with Grandma’s rice pudding. For breakfast, lunch or dinner.

  2. Sundry says:

    Cousin Sharon – What was it like? I’ve never been a fan of rice pudding I guess because of the texture, but I can imagine that your Grandma’s might have turned my head. Do you have any recipes from her?

  3. hydra says:

    IT’S ALIVE!!!! This is why you should never look through a telescope. You see the eye of the alien on Mars looking back at you. It’s “The War of the Worlds.”

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