Interesting Building in Upland, CA Area – What’s it for?


Saw this cool old building along Baseline Road (which turns into 16th at this intersection) in the Upland, CA area.  Our pals Lights & Action were here visiting their son and daughter-in-law–for a baby shower, expecting twin girls!  So we ventured into a part of L.A. County I’m not so familiar with.

Lights said there were several of these along the way and they were thinking they might have something to do with a canal.  Or maybe a railroad?  I figure they must be pretty old because of the stone construction.

If it weren’t in such a forsaken spot with so little land around it, it would make a very interesting cafe.


3 thoughts on “Interesting Building in Upland, CA Area – What’s it for?

  1. me says:

    Good question!…what’s it for??? Sure is an interesting design. I’d stop at a cafe like this.

  2. Sarah Jane says:

    It is a pump house for irrigation. Before the houses were built all the land surrounding the building were lemon groves.

    • Sundry says:

      Thank you, Sarah Jane! I love these relics. It must have been a massive operation, to have a pump house so large and well built. Really appreciate you enlightening me!

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