Starting the Season

This mandolin rested on the table I sat next to as Hydra and I joined in the song circle at our friends’ house on Saturday.

There was also a salon sale going on in GS’s pottery studio.  People had been bugging him for years to have a sale of his lovely pottery, so he and his wife open their home to us for music and browsing.   He invites other local artists to add wares to the salon sale.  We started our Christmas shopping today…though it’s always hard to part with GS’s creations.

Last year, I bought a little painting of a wheelbarrow filled with flowers that I sent to Kitty in Indiana for Christmas.  I found out that the painter was actually the sister of a local artist and the painting had been shipped from Ohio for the sale!   Maybe that’s why it struck a chord in my Midwestern heart.

Our hosts are so gracious and generous.  JS makes sure everyone feels at home with her warm greeting and personal attention.  There were big pots of split pea soup and chili in the kitchen, and lovely little pots made by GS to eat from.  Also bread, homemade pastries, veggies, etc.

Wandering around sampling artwork, music and good food.  Pretty good Saturday.  I debuted a couple of songs that were originally recorded by Betty Hutton.  Since I sing these old jazzy pop tunes a capella, I try to make them as entertaining as possible.  Not as entertaining as Ms. Hutton, but give me a proscenium and a bustle and I’ll give it my best shot!

The kids who recently inhabited the tee pee in the back yard are currently lurking in the foliage.


3 thoughts on “Starting the Season

  1. Gala says:

    I found myself wanting to see pics of the artwork or dishes you were eating from… any chance you’ll be posting some?

  2. Sundry says:

    Gala and Kitty! I will take some photos of the things I brought home…. There are a couple of definite gifts, but I don’t think those people read the blog. Didn’t take pix of the handmade little pots we ate out of, darn it. I was too busy scooping up split pea soup!

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