You Write the Caption

I could bore you with the details of how this cast of characters ended up on my windowsill at work.


You could write the caption… I originally asked for a story, but that seems to have been daunting, so I’m editing this a bit.  Something along the lines of…

“When Crystal and Pauly invited themselves along on Bob’s Paris vacation he was appalled, but all he could do was nod.”


If it helps, they are all watched over by a small blue parrot wearing a sombrero.

[p.s. Sorry for the fuzzy photos…my point and shoot is dying a slow death.]


5 thoughts on “You Write the Caption

  1. me says:

    Oh fun! But you’ll have to give those of us non-writers a little while to think about this! Later.

  2. me says:

    THE TRAVELER Auntie Margaret took care of every one. Her brothers and sisters as they were growing up. Her friends and co-workers whenever they needed her.Her parents at the sad end—and dear uncle Howard.

    These mementos stand on the sill where she can see them every day. The silly little duck won at the festival in that little Spanish village. The souvenir from the restaurant just insisting it be visited when discovered in Bulgaria. (really, a Big Boy here?!) The little stuffed parrot that called out from a street booth in Guatamala City. A Christmas angel from the Weinachtsmarkt in Frankfurt. (the lights! The music!) And wonderful, unforgettable, forever Paris.

    Friends went, relatives wandered, and even casual acquaintances brought her souvenirs of their travels. Their mementos have become her memories.

  3. Sundry says:

    😀 Nice, Kitty! I like the way the last line ties it all up. Sad but also better than not having these fantasy memories!

  4. Hydra says:

    Wow! The Auntie Margaret story was a novel in a paragraph. Pretty good work Kitty. I’m looking forward to the movie.

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