Christmas Lights in Glendale

The view from the third floor balcony of the Barnes & Noble at sunset was worth the trip!

After I told Hydra about the lights at the Americana Center, we decided to go check them out Friday night.   There aren’t a whole lot of places in Los Angeles where you see lots of people out in the streets walking around enjoying themselves.  So they build these faux town centers like this, The Grove, and Universal CityWalk.   Trying to be like Old Town Pasadena really is.

Same shot as the colors deepened.  Temps were in the mid-70s, I’d guess.

We arrived around 4 p.m. and parked at one of the credit-card or coin operated meters on Brand.  A dollar an hour, not bad for L.A.

This statue is reminiscent of the one at the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial in France.  We had Jody Maroni hot dogs at a table next to this fountain.   They were not hot.  I didn’t even finish mine.


My little pocket camera was running low on battery power and bedazzled by all the lights.   We spent most of our time in that big Barnes & Noble.  Really nice to be in a well-stocked book store.

The lights and people were fun to be in, but these big shopping centers get a little depressing to me before very long.  So much overpriced stuff.   My faves are the book store and Sur le Table.   Would like to have time to spend in H&M where the prices are more reasonable and the income to buy my clothes at Anthropologie.

If we go there again, I suspect we’ll make a beeline to that balcony, which wasn’t overcrowded in the least.  A couple of tables full of studying students.


4 thoughts on “Christmas Lights in Glendale

  1. me says:

    Very nice to see the contrast a few moments at sunset makes. Both lovely.
    I really enjoy the way you add websites related to the content of your writing. And how observant of you to remember the statue at Normandy…they really are similar.
    (I’d love to sit on that balcony with you two.)

  2. Sundry says:

    Kitty – That can be arranged, the balcony sitting! I was thinking it was reminiscent of the ones in the center of Cleveland, and Hydra pointed out that it was more like the spirit of youth (or whatever the actual statue name is in Normandy).

  3. me says:

    OH Ooops again!

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