Mission Inn Lights

We braved the pouring rain to drive about 95 miles down to see the lights at the Mission Inn in Riverside.  Met up with friends for dinner at Phood on Main, which never disappoints.  Great atmosphere and food both.  Amazingly, the rain let up for a few hours and we walked around the area looking at the lights and into the Mission Inn, where one of our friends had had his high school graduation party.

Went back to their place, where we made music until the middle of the night and then bunked down in their guest room.  They have a wonderful house.  Mission style furniture…love it.  Cohesive without feeling fussy at all.

We sat around talking and drinking coffee the next morning until about ten, and then drove to Pasadena.  It was pouring again.

We met up with Lights & Action, who are out here to meet their brand new twin grandbaby girls.   Tiny little preemies, but healthy.   We cruised the fabulous Vroman’s Bookstore while we waited for them to visit with their son’s family at the hospital.   I bought a yoga book.  I still feel good about buying books.

What a fun weekend, and we were back home Saturday night and snug at home while the novelty of weather wore thin on Sunday.  Discovered that the storms blew the custom tarp off of the new wood rack and all the wood was soaked, so no Sunday morning fire.  All in all, a really good weekend though.



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