How Many Dogs Named Harley are There in Acton, and Why are They All Running Around Loose?

Well, maybe it’s not such a burning question after all.  I looked back into the archives and found that the last time we found a dog named Harley running around was in November 2005.

This bloodhound trotted across Crown Valley Road in front of our car last night as we headed for the Acton  Market on our way home from hiking and checking out Christmas lights over in Agua Dulce.   As we pulled into the parking lot, we saw him follow an unsuspecting shopper right through the front door of the store.  By the time we got to the wooden sidewalk out front, a cashier lead the dog out.

We checked his collar, which had his people’s contact info written large in black ink.  When I called she said, “Not again!  I’ll be right there.”

While we waited, another woman came up to check the announcement boards on the outside of the market to see if anyone was  looking for a black dog. “He looks like he’s been dumped.  I can’t get near him.  He’s so skinny.”

That happens a lot out here.  She also said that she once found three little dogs–a Dachshund and a couple of others–roaming around.  When she called the owner, the owner said, “Oh, they’re always getting out. You can just take them to the pound.”

What the heck are people thinking?

Harley’s owner was glad we’d called, though she said he’s a Colorado dog and used to having his run of the countryside.  Her dad had left the gate open, but Harley is perfectly capable of jumping the fence.  Climbs it like a cat.

Which reminds me of the dog we saw out on the fire road Sunday afternoon when we went for a hike.  He saw us and skedaddled for his home territory.  We thought he was going to need help getting back in, but he bounded up onto a park bench on the outside of the fence, over into his yard, and immediately turned and started barking at us!  Ha!  He wasn’t going to bark at us without that fence in between, I guess.

The last we saw of Harley the bloodhound, he had his front paws in the back of his person’s pickup truck, and she was lifting his hind end up for him.

It’s a dog’s life in Acton.


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