Chillin’ New Year’s Eve

Yipes, that’s cold for SoCal, even in the mountains.   And still I ventured outside to retrieve my Los Angeles Times.

Poured hot tap water on the birdbath to loosen it up.

Thought about what a nice upholstery fabric pattern the frost on the windshield would make.

When I made sugar cookies right before Christmas I noticed that the recipe in The Joy of Cooking (roll cookies) mentioned the dough could be used as a crust, so I froze enough to make four tart shells.  I love it when things do double duty.

We had a vegetarian pizza–artichoke hearts, onions, bell pepper, mushrooms, and soy sausage–made on my new crisp crust pan (with holes in it!) and with homemade sauce from a simple recipe that came with the pan. Dough was Trader Joe’s.  Also made this amazing baked brie with  mushrooms and thyme that I served last New Year’s Eve.  I didn’t have porcini mushrooms so I used more criminis and added garlic.  Went old school with a Waldorf salad, though we couldn’t get watercress at TJ’s and didn’t run around looking for it, and I added 1/3 cup of raisins.  The dressing on this is nice, as uses a little mayo, but balances with yogurt (I used an extra Tbs of yogurt) and apple juice. All complimented by the bread and chardonnay History and Cowgrrl brought.

Dinner conversation was lively, as we had lots of catching up to do.  History and Cowgrrl traveled to Prague and Vienna this past summer.  Wow.  Europe envy!

Finished up the meal with the tart shells filled with vanilla ice cream and topped with peaches and blueberries reserved from the bounce (fruit infused brand/vodka  blend)  I made for Christmas gifts this year.  Actually, I think the topping tastes better with more ice cream, but this made the presentation a little special.

We played our new board game About Time, which seemed to go on forever, but made us actually stay up past midnight for maybe the third time in all the years we’ve been celebrating the turning of the years with History and Cowgirl.  I was embarassingly bad at this game, and only rallied toward the end due to the dumb luck aspects of the game.  Hydra really should have won.

We paused at midnight to open the bubbly, watch a taped delay of the ball dropping in Times Square, and to ring in 2011.   This is a good tradition.


4 thoughts on “Chillin’ New Year’s Eve

  1. RuthG says:

    Sounds like a FABULOUS meal–I’m intrigued by the brie recipe! Thanks for the link.

    20 degrees is COOOLLLLDDD for southern Cal! Temps in Chicago got up in the 50s yesterday–isn’t that wild? But today they plunged to a high in the 20s.

  2. Sundry says:

    Kooky weather! I guess we’re all getting a taste of it all.

    I couldn’t find a brie round of the size they mention in the recipe, so both times I’ve made it, I bought two wedges (usually a better deal I think) and fitted them together and built a foil container around them with an inch or more on top. Left the mushrooms in the pan until the brie was heated and ready to serve rather than heating all together in the oven. It’s a gooey mess but I just folded up the leftovers in the foil at the end of dinner.

    Just now unpeeled the foil and put the hardened leftovers in a container… Well, all but a few tablespoons that I microwaved for dinner tonight along with leftover pizza. The rich brie and the winy mushrooms offset each other well!

  3. Yeah, that counts as cold. :-/

    Here in Indiana, it was 57 degrees at midnight New Year’s Eve — and 17 degrees exactly 24 hours later.

  4. Sundry says:

    Mark – Wow, that’s amazing!

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