Happy New Year!

We forgot about the hats and crackers last night, so we donned them and cracked them this morning at breakfast. (Eggs with veggies cut up for last night’s pizza, the cinnamon rolls –sorry, no photos! they were too yummy and distracting–and a bowl full of clementine sections.)

I’m ready for the contemplation that New Year’s Day brings.  2010 was a good, eventful year.  We went to some amazing concerts, made a lot of our own music with friends, camped, traveled a little, hosted a little.  I stayed employed (whew!) and Hydra semi-retired (whew!).

Although the circumstances were dire, all of my surviving nuclear family (everyone but Dad) were in one place for a few days.  The road trip from Indiana to Texas and back that made it possible deepened the relationships between all of us.  I have a truly gifted, loving family.  My nieces and nephews are all interesting and engaged young humans.  Gotta thank Facebook for bridging those  miles.

I know it’s just an arbitrary date in some ways, but it’s good to take time to think about where we are, how we got here, and where we’re heading.  This is probably a bit magnified for those of us with birthdays around this time of the year.  I’ll turn 50 in mid-January.  What, really?

Thank goodness I know so many people who make the coming decades look exciting. I am so grateful for my friends and family.

We went for a hike in the hills around our neighborhood with History and Cowgrrl before breakfast this morning.

Isn’t this a lovely planet?


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. me says:

    Yes indeed! A wonderful planet, this earth, and you are privy to such a beautiful part of it. Thanks for all the beautiful pictures of what you see around you.

  2. Sundry says:

    Kitty! My pleasure. Your part of the world is beautiful too. 😀

  3. Cousin Sharon says:

    Beautiful plant, beautiful thoughts. Your new decade will be exciting! it is great to “stop and smell the roses” from time to time. I am grateful for my family as well and happy that you are part of it. Sharon (can I have a nickname?)

  4. Sundry says:

    Dear Redwing (aka Cousin Sharon), sorry it took me so long to get back to you on your nickname. It should’ve hit me immediately.

    SOOO glad you’re coming out for a visit!!

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