Tica Boom

This is Tica.  She is not so much guarding the banjo as focusing on the scents of delicious home made baked chicken wafting down from the dinner table.   In fact, she is much more focused than this photograph is on her.  But you just need to see how mildly she waits for us to notice her.

This is a good dog.

I probably have the story kind of sideways, but Tica was abandoned as a youngster and taken in by some nice people at a music shop where Dulce (for her hammered dulcimer playing, though she also plays mountain dulcimer and banjo) and BankCamp’s daughter was working.  She was named for the sound her tail made when she wagged it next to an instrument.  Tica – tica – tica – tica.

She’s a real sweetheart.  She stayed home and guarded the instruments while Dulce, BankCamp, Hydra and I went to see John McCutcheon in concert in Ojai.   Wow.  He’s an amazing singer/songwriter/storyteller/human on the planet.

We brought home his Untold CD of songs and stories and are very happy with it.


One thought on “Tica Boom

  1. RuthG says:

    Yay, a new-to-me musician to get to know!

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