Waving Buh-Bye to My Forties

Dawn broke on January 16th and the sun instantly set on my forties (I was born around 6:30 in the morning, I think).   Adios, Forties!   You taught me a lot!

Hydra drove me to my 8:30 a.m. Zumba class, which is how I was able to safely get this shot of hot air balloons landing in Lancaster City Park.  What better way to celebrate the fact that in the last year of my forties, I lowered my cholesterol by 25 points, reduced my blood pressure medication by half due to lowering my b.p. and heartrate, lost 20+ pounds,   and found two types of exercise that really make me excited about going to the gym.  (Yoga and Zumba.)

Yeah, it would have been better if the whole thing hadn’t spun out of control in the first place, and the underlying reasons are complicated.   But I’m feeling pretty good today.  Happy with my place in the world and looking forward to the rest of this brand new year.

After the gym, we ran errands and picked up supplies for my birthday dinner.  It was such an amazing day yesterday, I was really ready to pretty much hang out at home.  This is my new ChristmaBirthday chair, purchased mostly with Christmas gift money from my job, in the corner of our bedroom.  And it reclines!

Great place to read and even to write when I’m not on the computer.  I spent some time in here reading and talking on the phone with my Mom, sister and brother today.  Dodger sat on my tucked-up knee and looked over my shoulder at the birds and bunny that wandered around the slopes outside the windows.

Actual sunset!  Unretouched. Wow.  The air outside was pink!

There were lots of quail in the back yard right before sunset… like a dozen.  Plump little guys, they like the cracked corn we’ve been putting out.

Birthday repast!  King crab legs, steamed sweet Italian kale tossed with olive oil (from the market), champagne and a red velvet cupcake to split.

You’ll not that Sundry is not in this photograph.  This is because amongst the many benefits of a home made birthday dinner is the freedom to dine in your Scotty-dog pajama bottoms and Stephen Colbert: Keep Fear Alive tee-shirt if you want.

I’m not admitting I did, mind you.  Feel free to imagine Sundry in a black beaded v-necked gown highlighted with a string of pearls and topped off with a lovely up-do.

Diner’s eye-view of the end of the meal.  One candle for each decade.  Oh my!

Thanks to all the amazing women in my life who have shown me so dramatically that our 50s are a time to explore, and thrive and continue to grow.  This means you.



6 thoughts on “Waving Buh-Bye to My Forties

  1. RuthG says:

    Happy birthday, again! I LOVE your birthday chair–what great colors. Ditto for the sunset & the birthday dinner!

    Welcome to the 50s! Yep, it’s a pretty cool time of life.

  2. Redwing says:

    There is so much about the 50s that is fabulous. Enjoy. Love the chair. I think I will pretend it’s my birthday and make one of those dinners. Jason had king crab legs for his birthday this month too.

  3. Sundry says:

    RuthG – Thanks, Ruth. Your on my list of emulatable women.

    Redwing – Yes, you are hereby granted a birthday.2 I need to get a shot of the chair fabric, it’s really cute but hard to make out in this photo. There are leaves in the pattern.

  4. KathyR says:

    With 50 screaming around the corner at me at top speed, I shall now put you on MY list of emulatable women. Especially if it will get me a red velvet cupcake.

  5. me says:

    Awwww! What a neat birthday! The balloons, so perfect…your comfy chair, the lovely weather…and the perfect little dinner…with candles yet! Happy happy 50s.

  6. Sundry says:

    KathyR – I think a red velvet cupcake can be arranged. We still haven’t done the Porto’s meet-up! I will treat you to lunch and a red velvet cupcake at Porto’s during the run up to your birthday. We could do it after a zoo day!

    Kitty – Truly it was. Wonderful talking with you. I miss you!!

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