You Are All Very Funny!


This little bit o’bling arrived in a birthday card from CuzP and CuzM yesterday.   Am I meant to wear it on a necklace?  Dangle it from one ear?

I think this would look really nice around the neck of a bottle of champagne!

No, seriously, it’s strangely appealing.

Toronto sent me a card that included a vanilla cupcake taste strip!

Not wanting to appear ungenerous, I split it with my officemate, OneL.   We’re not sure you’d know what it was in a blind taste test, but we did have the visual aid of a photo of a cupcake to help.

It had more ingredients than an actual cupcake (16!) .  First on the list was pullulan, which neither of us has knowingly ingested before.

OneL opined that the ubiquitous adhesive that held the packaged strip on the card–you see it holding fragrance samples in magazines and gift and credit cards to to their packaging–probably has fewer ingredients.   You know the stuff… It rolls up into a really boogery-looking wad.

Which led us to discuss how funny it would be to walk around the office with the booger-adhesive on my face.  Who would warn me, and who would be so embarrassed that they woudn’t be able to tell me?

This stuff could be marketed as a friend ranking device!   Find out who’s really on your side with   “It’s Snot Funny!”


4 thoughts on “You Are All Very Funny!

  1. KathyR says:

    I hate that sticky stuff. I hate touching that stuff. Blech. Ew. Blech.

  2. Sundry says:

    KathyR- I, on the other extreme, can’t seem to stop myself from rolling it off the paper and wadding it up. Ick.

  3. me says:

    OH too much! What a product…’Snot Funny’ hahahaha

  4. Sundry says:

    Kitty, you’re always a good audience for my humor.

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