Scenic Sunday Slideshow

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Sundry shoots pix while Hydra drives down and up the 14.

It was such a gorgeous weekend.  Hydra and I felt like going for a drive, but couldn’t settle on a destination.  Wrightwood’s the right distance, but crazy during ski season.  Temecula would be interesting, but a long way through a lot of potential traffic.

We opted for just running our errands down in the Santa Clarita/Valencia area.  What a great choice.  Things are really greening up from the December rains.  Love the way the contrast between rocks and cliff faces stand out amid the foliage.



4 thoughts on “Scenic Sunday Slideshow

  1. You don’t get much more scenic than that!

  2. Sundry says:

    Mark – I’m loving my new point and shoot camera, a Nikon S6000. It’s so portable and these shots were all taken from a moving car!

  3. Hydra says:

    Well, once again I’m reminded that this sure ain’t Michigan or Indiana. No swamp for hundreds of miles. Just a, “Howdy pardner,” Gene and Roy are going to be comin’ around the bend any minute now.

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