Less News


Yeah, so after working a full day at home, I was inspired by Hydra’s ambitious project to rehang the back storm door.  I started clearing out drawers and the pantry, throwing away the jars that don’t have matching lids and the lids that don’t have matching jars.

Yes.  I reuse glass jars, but I am not going to become a jar lady.

Hydra laughed when I said this.  As if he thinks the time has passed for me to avoid becoming a jar lady.   Sniff.

Several of the kitchen drawers have devolved into junk drawers over the years.  The one in the kitchen island has the useful but less used stuff in it.  You know the stuff I’m talking about.  The pastry cutter, the egg separator, the shellfish crackers and forks, the nut picks, the fondue forks for the long gone fondue pot (their hold over me is inexplicable, I can’t quite part with them.)

As I replaced the old newspapers lining the drawers I noticed I had to do a lot more creative folding than I remember.   I knew the L.A. Times had gotten smaller in volume–anyone remember the pages and pages of classified ads?–as well as in physical size, but the actual difference in width surprised me.

The top paper is from the past few days.  The bottom one, which is aligned on the left side with the top sheet–is from March 1998.  Seems like the print is smaller and we’ve lost a whole column’s worth of paper.

Which also means it doesn’t quite cover my pantry shelves.  Am I going to have to cave and buy shelf paper?

I didn’t get quite done with the clearing out process, but I did clean three drawers, the pantry floor and the pantry shelves except the top one, which is kind of a catch all and needs some real attention.  It’s nice to be able to walk into the walk-in pantry again. Also, I moved the cast iron pans and the popcorn pan in there from the stack in the cupboard by the stove.

More organization to come!  I’m thinking about where to hang things and put more shelves.  And what I really use.




7 thoughts on “Less News

  1. me says:

    Yeah, they thought they could just be sneaky and put one over on us, but no! you’ve caught them in the act! They’ve also made the comic strips smaller and with tiny print! –foolishly thinking I’d blame it on old age. grrr

  2. Gala says:

    Hello, fellow jar lady. Wanted to throw out an alternative to newpaper and official shelf paper: cork paper. Okay, I don’t know if that’s its official name, but it’s made of cork and comes in rolls, like shelf paper, and you can get it from a good art supply store. I love it to line shelves because it’s slightly cushy, which makes things stay put and dampens some of the clattering noise of putting things away. Check it out!

  3. Sundry says:

    Kitty – Ha! They can’t get past you!
    Gala – Oh, that sounds really interesting. I do need something other than paper…some of it stuck to the shelves under the bounce jars, and got oily under the ginger oil, etc. Thanks for the tip!

  4. redwing says:

    congratulations on sticking to these “sticky’ tasks. I also am working on some decluttering although not with as much success. my most successful so far are the bathroom drawers. But that still leaves the cupboards and closet. But that will be for another day.
    I like the cork idea. I want to try it in the drawers.
    p.s. they are calling for 14 to 20 inches of snow this week.

  5. redwing says:

    how do I change that critter that represents me?

  6. Sundry says:

    Redwing – I think it helps to divide this stuff into smaller tasks. It’s so daunting to try to tackle a big project, but one little drawer can’t take you down! (And once I get started, I’m more interested in continuing, I think.)

    The little critter is created by this blog site. I think you might have to create your own WordPress account or go to Gravatar.com and create an account there, and upload a photo or image you’d like along with Redwing as a screen name.

  7. KathyR says:

    We still get the paper version of the Tattered Remnant of the Formerly Great Los Angeles Times. But I don’t know how much longer we will. Sad, sad, sad.

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