Monday in the Park with Ben

Ben gets all streamlined on the way to a little park between Riverside Drive and the freeway.  Hondista suggested we go over there for lunch because, yes, sorry to tell the rest of the country, it was a gorgeous sunny day.

Not the most dignified shot, but look at that pooch hit the grass running!

Hondista under the bridge with Ben.  He loves showing her cool stuff!

As semi-wild portion of the L.A. River.  With water in it!

And Ben drives us back to the office.   It was a really nice break.


5 thoughts on “Monday in the Park with Ben

  1. RuthG says:

    That last photo is hilarious!

    It’s actually reassuring to see that there ARE still places on the continent not covered with huge piles of snow.

  2. shuju says:

    In the 1st photo, I thought whoever Ben was had antlers! I couldn’t figure out what Ben might’ve been.

  3. shuju says:

    Not to sound like I’m terribly stupid, it was just the first glance when I was confused…I figured it out!

  4. Sundry says:

    RuthG – I talked with a guy in South Carolina the other day on a work call. He was a retired firefighter from NY. We were both gloating about the weather, even though his wasn’t quite as perfect as ours.

    ShuJu- It’s okay. I figured you were just drunk. Okay, totally kidding. The Ben photos are filled with optical illusions.

  5. me says:

    LOVE that last photo! Neat dog!

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