Taxing Evening

For the past few years we’ve had our taxes done on the first Friday of February.  We’re the kind of people who would rather get money back than have to pay.   We were a little nervous this year, what with Hydra retiring at the end of September but working part time, but it all worked out.

We like our tax guy, Chuck Hards of Hards & Wright.  Have been going to him for years.  We also asked questions about how to negotiate next year.

Then we headed to The Granville Cafe in Burbank for our traditional post-tax appointment repast.  It was a lovely evening.  They’ve hung these nifty little lights in the trees along San Fernando that seem to drip light.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t capture them.

We like the patio area.   Even when it’s raining, it’s kind of cozy with the big heaters and the comfy seating.

The berry mojito has lots of fresh fruit in it.  Yummy!  Though I actually liked the way they used to make it in a tall glass so there was more soda to it.  Still, it’s a nice little treat to celebrate having survived another tax year.

I don’t really mind paying taxes.  I’m not wild about bailing out mortgage bankers, but  like having my roads paved and the neighbor’s kids educated.  And honestly, I’d like to help everybody get the health care they need.  I wish it weren’t so hard to figure out.


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