Sunchokes and Black Apples

Here’s a photo of the sunchokes in the raw.  Apparently, they are the root of a specific type of sunflower–which is also in the daisy family–and they are also variously known as sunroots, earth apples or Jerusalem artichokes.  Check out another sunchoke experience over at  Hungry Cravings, where you’ll also find a basic recipe.  And some admonitions not to eat too many at once.  Hmmm.

Anyway, I’d want to be pretty sure I knew I had the right thing before I started yanking daisy-like flowers from the roadsides and roasting them up.  My sister, Pegerty, is really good at harvesting from the wild.  I tend to be willing to try a lot more things than Hydra would, when it comes to eating stuff out of the yard and off the hillside.

This past year I actually picked some yucca flowers in bloom, but then didn’t use them.   Okay… this spring!

I also picked this up at Ben’s Corner.   It looks kind of like a purple plum, but it’s an apple that was labeled “Arkansas Black.”  I only picked up one because it was heavily waxed, unlike most of the produce at BC.   Tried it, and I’m glad I didn’t buy more.  I like a firm tart apple like a Braeburn or a Pink Lady, and this is more the texture of a Golden Delicious…kind of mealy for my taste, and not very sweet or tart.  But interesting, anyway.

Oh, and submarine progress report.  Dodger is quite happy to sit on the tallest perch.  In fact, he’s doing so as I type.  I brought the submarine into the studio and rested it on a TV tray.  He’s dozing.

He hasn’t gone all the way inside yet, but he has had a look from several angles.  There are a couple of peanuts inside waiting for him.


3 thoughts on “Sunchokes and Black Apples

  1. Megan says:

    Thank you. Now I know what to look for at the farmers market. I’m dying to try the sunchokes.

  2. RuthG says:

    Thanks for enlightening us about sunchokes! I had heard of Jerusalem artichokes–in fact, our CSA may have sent me some last year (?)–but hadn’t investigated to see what they actually were. Fascinating.

    Your food adventures parallel Dodger’s adventures on the fancy sub. 🙂

  3. me says:

    Very nice to see Dodger approaching his new playhouse!

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